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Department Research Feature
◎ enable students to have both software and hardware expertise
◎The course emphasizes both theory and practice, so that students can improve their studies and employment after graduation.
Teaching characteristics
1. Opening a special course
The Department of the University has established two major programs, namely, "Engineering Technology" and "Integration of Industry and Education". Considering the effective use of resources, the research direction of this department is an extension of the university program.
2. Open a full English teaching course
An English-language course is offered to enhance students' English proficiency and to plan for international student classes in full English.
3. Promote international teaching
Promote international distance education, hire lecture professors to come to Taiwan for short-term lectures, and benefit teachers and students to learn new knowledge.
4. Strengthen professional internship
The "Graduation Project" will enhance students' professional practice and academic research ability, strengthen their future employment and further education, and pay attention to workplace learning experience. Recommend outstanding students to relevant industry in junior or junior year, and learn about the workplace. Operation.
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