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Programs & Curricula

Program and Curricula Pr

The department has designed two specialized undergraduate program: " Photonics & Green-Energy" and "Communications and Networking" program. The graguate program continues to extend the scope of these two curricula.


» Photonics & Green-Energy  Program

Introduction to Photonics, Introduction to Semiconductor, Introduction to New Energy, Modern optics, Electromagnetic Wave, Introduction of Flat Panel Display Technique, Light Emitting Diode, Solar Cell


» Communications and Networking Pogram

Probability and Statistics, Communication Systems, Digital Communications, Internet Practice, Digital Signal Processing, Introduction to Cloud U-healthcare, Biomedical Signal Acquisition, Mobile Communications
Program and Curricula

The curriculum of the department consists of two programs: photonics and communication engineering, and the programs are detailed as follows: Our goal is to cultivate our students with skills in elcetronics engineering and information communication. We are committed to providing relevant and practical resources to our students. Our curricula offer unique opportunities to bring our students to practical training according to their specialty.

» Curricula Arrangement Link

2018 Undergraduate Program          2018 Graguate Program