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Future Development


Developing and Providing Distinguishing Curriculums: Two professional curriculums are provided in the Bachelor’s Degree Program. They are “Communication & Network” and “Photonics & Green-Energy Technology”. For effective use of our teaching resources, the Master's Degree Program is oriented as extension of the Bachelor’s Degree Program.


Developing and Providing Cross-Subject Curriculums: To harmony with the governmental long-term policies for healthcare, this Department cooperates with School of Health to develop the curriculum of the aged people’s health lifestyle. Our students can electively take the e curriculum as a cross-school/department course. The curriculum is designed to endow the students with cross-discipline specialty that helps the students to become aged-care staff or work in the healthcare industry.


Developing and Providing English-Lectured Courses: The courses given in English are initially aimed at domestic students with the ambition to improve their English proficiency levels. In future, the course will be expanded to students coming from foreign countries.


Promoting Internationalized Teaching: Internationalized teaching is realized by promoting international remote teaching approaches and inviting guest professors from foreign countries for short-term courses so as to irrigate both our teachers and students with up-to-date information in the art.


Enhancing Specialty-Based Training: The “Degree Project” helps to strengthen the students’ future competitiveness for employment and advanced education. The students will have improved abilities of both professional practice and academic researches. Also, workplace learning is emphasized. We select outstanding students in their 3-2 or 4-1 Semester for practical training in related business sectors. Through the training, the students will learn and familiarize practical skills in actual workplaces.