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Educational Goal


1. To be engineer with characteristic of humanities accomplishment and social concern 

2. To be engineer with the knowledge and skill of “Photonics” and “Communication” 

3. To be engineer with healthy body and mind and can lifelong study


1. To be scientist and technician with ability in logical thinking and problem solving 

2. To be scientist and technician with characteristic of independent research and team cooperation

3. To be scientist and technician with skill of research, development and application in “Photonics” and “Communication”

Teching Vision

1. Design of courses based on the current educational goal to meet the actual needs of academic and industry developement.

2. Enhancement of students’ understanding on humanities and improvement of their foreign language skills.

3. Improvement of students’ professional and technical abilities and provident of unique research and teaching laboratories.

4. Cultivation of students’ spirit on hands-on practices by way of the course of the project fabrication to enable students possessing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.