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Department Strengths


Complies With The Trend Of The Times

To cultivate talented person in photonics and communications to comply with the trend of the times in accordance with the needs of national development.


National Emphatic Industry

Photonics and Communications are emphatic industries for national development with annual production over trillion. Moreover, the internet and the wireless communication are vigorous activity in this island and cause profound impact in the society. Furthermore, the green industry will be a key industry in the future due to the global warming.


The Teacher Lineup Is Strong

We have 14 full-time teachers and all of them are with high qualifications with Ph.D degree.


Activation Learning Exercises

In order to provide the student with international field of vision, we design diversified courses, including local and foreign distance learning, overseas professors lecture, enterprise visit and industrial practicing.


The Theory And Practice Pays Equal Attention

We pay equal attention to the theory and practice. Therefore, we encourage students to participate in the international certification tests, such as CCNA, SCJP, MCSE, Linux etc., to strengthen employment competitive power after the students graduate.


Experimental Environment And The Equipments Are Abundant

Including the Electronic Circuits & Communication Systems Lab., Network & Multimedia Lab., Photonics Panel Design & Sensor Device Lab., Photonics Physics Lab.


Research Laboratory

Including Cloud Computing in U-healthcare Application Lab., Mobile Communications Lab., Photonics Device Lab.